Hi and welcome to LakeCrazy – the brand new site of 2015 that will hopefully be your 1 stop resource for everything regarding lakes across the United States.

If you haven’t checked out my about page yet, let me introduce myself and my goals for the site. My name is Shey Harms and I love lakes – all lakes! I like the smaller lakes and ponds that are too small for power boats but awesome for fishing or just simply watching the wildlife come and go. I also love the medium sized lakes that allow small boats for skiing and tubing and camping, but usually have a restriction on the type and speed of boats. My favorite type of lake is the larger type of lake such as Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. In my opinion, I would consider that to be a large lake; big enough to have large boats on, several restaurants and resorts, but not so large you can’t see the other side.

I appreciate the gigantic lakes along the northern border of the United States like Lake Superior, but those lakes almost seem like small oceans in comparison to what I’m used to. I have travelled to those lakes as an exception, not the rule, so this site will be geared towards the smaller lakes I’ve identified.

Let me give you some history about me. I grew up at Lake of the Ozarks during my summers of the 1970s and 1980s. I was lucky to have a dad who worked as a pilot for TWA and was able to bid time off during the week when there was no traffic at the lake. We also spent several weekends down there too, which worked better for inviting friends and family when they were also off work. My parents had several “cabins” until they finally bought the house we lived in for 1 school year. My best memories come from that lake and I’m glad to have those experiences.

In addition to my youth, I have continued to return to Lake of the Ozarks every summer with my brother and his family. Each year our family group grows with brothers, parents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, their families and cousins and their families are all joining us. It’s like a small family reunion every July at a place everyone enjoys!  What started off as a place to remember our younger days has turned into a place of new traditions for several families.

My immediate family belongs to a ski club at Pomona Lake in Kansas called Rough Water Warriors. I am one of 2 of the primary boat drivers for the club (NSSA certified), driving our 1994 Mastercraft Prostar 204 inboard ski boat. We camp almost every weekend and we swim and ski a lot! In addition to that, when summer ball games are over, my family heads to a couple of local lakes to our home and we continue to ski during the week as well.

As you can probably tell, my summer revolves around a lake and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it were up to me, I’d have a house on the Lake of the Ozarks, I’d work from home and I’d gaze at the lake every single day of the year. In the summer, I’d swim every day that the weather would allow and I’d start my day off by skiing before doing anything else. That’s in a perfect world.

What does all this mean for this site and why am I telling you all these details? I am hoping to relate to you my experience with lakes, boats and family time. My goals for the site are to teach and inspire and I will do that based on my experiences with my ski club and vacations, or something I remember from my youth. However, I also have a vast of knowledge when it comes to boat and trailer safety, water safety, camping and basic common sense that seems to be missing at many lakes I’ve visited over the years. I want to share basic information about lakes all across this amazing country of ours, so if you feel like travelling to a new lake, you will have a good idea what to expect!

I’m so excited to start building this new site! I have so much information to share and it’s on a topic that I love almost as much as I love all my electronic gadgets and computers.

Thanks for stopping by. Before you leave, I’d love to hear about your favorite lake so I can be sure to add it to my research! Leave your comments below!

Shey Harms

Shey has enjoyed the lake life since she was very young. Her parents always had a place at the lake for as long as she can remember. Now, she belongs to a waterski club in Kansas and drives their family boat in the ski shows teaching her family some of the traditions she learned as a child.

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  1. David Micetic

    Hi Shey

    I spent some time at the lake in the mid 1980’s and knew a TWA pilot by the first name of Jack ( I won’t post the last name). Were you around the Millstone area by chance? I worked at the Millstone Patio in the summers. I loved it nd will be visiting the lake in June.

    1. Shey

      Hi David! Yes we were around Millstone! My parents took the family there to eat a lot. We were actually in the back of the Gravois Arm until the mid-80s then my parents bought a house on a hill over-looking the 38 MM. I think there were several TWA Pilots in the area. My dad was always introducing us to pilots. 🙂

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