In the heart of the country, right in the middle of Missouri, lies one of the greatest man-made lakes – Lake of the Ozarks. Each year, over a hundred thousand people descend on the waters for one special week in August…to watch the best of the best offshore and local racers compete to see who has the fastest boat on the lake in the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. In 2015, the shootout will be held August 22 – 30. The official address is 82 Aloha Lane, Sunrise Beach, Mo. For information about the race, you can visit their website at

The unsanctioned race is the largest in the midwest with over 100 boats in competition. In 2014, the Qatar took the honors with a record setting 244 mph!

First, watch this video onboard the “Qatar”. Listen to the whine of the engines as it takes off and heads toward the Hurricane Deck bridge.

Next, here is a video from some folks watching the races at their dock. Don’t blink when it goes by!

The prior time to beat was 224 mph, won by the boat “My Way” in 2013

The video below doesn’t appear to work outside of YouTube so here is a link:

Here’s another video of the same boat.

As fun as it is to watch (and listen!) to these boats buzz by, this is not a sport without serious danger. Last summer’s event held a horrible tragedy when a 46′ boat owned by Mike Fiore went up 60 feet in the air. Sadly, Mike passed away. Viewer discretion is advised.

The video below doesn’t appear to work outside of YouTube so here is a link:

This view shows more of the boat racing and just a bit of the crash at the end. Beautiful boat, but the story is so sad.

If you have the time, I encourage you to attend the event. The week is filled with many activities and the lake is a great host to people around the world. You will have your mind blown as you watch the speeds of these boats and hopefully you can float in the water to stay cool in a nearby cove, or head over to Captain Ron’s for some refreshing drinks!

This racer sums up the spirit of racing on the lake in this video.



Shey Harms

Shey has enjoyed the lake life since she was very young. Her parents always had a place at the lake for as long as she can remember. Now, she belongs to a waterski club in Kansas and drives their family boat in the ski shows teaching her family some of the traditions she learned as a child.

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