I have researched the internet, scoured through my lake guides and asked many local experts to find all the Lake of the Ozarks Restaurants that are lakeside. If you are in your boat, looking for a lakeside restaurant where you can park your boat and lounge around in the A/C of the establishment for a few hours, then look no further. I have provided the website links for them, so you can find detailed information as well. If you know of any additional places, please include them in the comments below and I will add to the list!

Restaurants that have closed since 2015

  • Momma’s Market – Located at the 5.5 MM North Shore in Lick Branch Cove
  • Ozark BBQ – Located at the 10.5 MM. (Though I hear they are still open on the Bagnell Dam Strip)

Dam Through 10 MM

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10 MM Through 20 MM

  • Franky & Louie’s Beach Front Bar and Grill – Located at the 10MM, Lynch Cove.
  • Backwater Jack’s – Located at the 17.5 MM.
  • Dog Days – Located at the 19 MM, at Grand Glaize bridge.
  • Topsider Night Club – Located at the 19 MM. This is a nightclub, right on the water! They also have The Poop Deck and the Tiki Bar. They used to have a floating restaurant called The Clown that was my family’s favorite for 2 decades. They used to have awesome hamburgers. It’s sad they closed it down.
  • The Poop Deck – Located at the 19 MM – found at the Topsider complex.
  • The Tiki Bar – Located at the 19 MM – found with Topsider Night Club and The Tiki Bar.

20 MM Through 30 MM

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30 MM Through 50 MM

Bear Bottom Resort - Restaurant and Bar


Beyond 50 MM

Gravois Arm Restaurants

Niangua Arm

Niangua Falls Restaurant

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Shey Harms

Shey has enjoyed the lake life since she was very young. Her parents always had a place at the lake for as long as she can remember. Now, she belongs to a waterski club in Kansas and drives their family boat in the ski shows teaching her family some of the traditions she learned as a child.

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  1. Greg Lucke

    Holiday Hills Marina is located at the 66MM on the Edwards side of the Lake

    1. Shey

      Thanks for letting me know!! This has been a challenge to get all the restaurants identified especially past the 50 mm.

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