There are many resources on the web today to help you find a vacation home or condo rental on a lake. As I was doing research for my post about which Missouri Lakes offer lake home rentals, I discovered several websites that are specific to a particular lake, across the country. I thought I’d start recording these for future reference. As time goes on, I will add more lakes to this list. Hopefully one of these sites will help you find your vacation destination for this summer!

First off there are the obvious choices you can use for any lake:

Then there are the lake specific choices.

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Keep in mind the location you are renting (what mile marker are they located on?). Some parts of the lake are extremely busy, even during the week. If you want peace and quiet, you will probably want to look at places that are near the 30+ MM. If you want to be close to where the action is, consider anything up to the 30 MM. On the weekends, it doesn’t really matter where you are at, the lake will be busy. But in the past, we’ve been known to ski down the main channel during the week, around the 38 – 40 MM.

Lake Home Rentals

Condo Rentals

Shey Harms

Shey has enjoyed the lake life since she was very young. Her parents always had a place at the lake for as long as she can remember. Now, she belongs to a waterski club in Kansas and drives their family boat in the ski shows teaching her family some of the traditions she learned as a child.

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