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Lake Eshquaguma – Kathy Reagan Young – Ep7

Kathy Reagan Young - Lake Eshquaguma Podcast Episode

Some topics we cover: Use #lakesidechat7 on Twitter to keep the conversation going! Where is Lake Eshquaguma? What is BWCA? What are your favorite memories of this lake? My favorite quote from the show: “Lake Eshquaguma – This is my happy place” Here are links to the things we discussed in the show: BWCA –…

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Buying a Good Used Boat – Matt Brooks – Ep6

How to Buy a Good Used Boat Podcast

Some topics we cover: Use #lakesidechat6 on Twitter to keep the conversation going! How does the buying process begin with a boat broker? What types of things should I consider when upgrading my current boat or if this is my first boat purchase? How do I go about getting a test drive on a boat?…

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Kirby’s School of Wake – Kirby Liesmann – Ep5

Kirby's School of Wake Podcast Episode

Some topics we cover: What do you think was instrumental in taking you from a novice to a professional? Are you still competing today or is Kirby’s school of wake your full-time gig now? How much wake boarding experience do students need to have before attending your school? Can someone sign up their family to…

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Renting a Lake Home – Heather Bayer – Ep4

Some topics we cover: What are some things a home owner needs to consider to determine if their house is rentable? Once a home owner, or condo owner, determines they want to rent, what happens next? How & where do they start the process? How do you determine how much to rent your place for?…

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How to Buy a Lake Home – Scott Freerksen – Ep3

How to Buy a Lake Home - Scott Freerksen

On today’s episode, Scott Freerksen, aka The Lake Guy from, joins us to discuss the lakes in the New England states and his speciality – real estate on those lakes. Some topics we cover: What the lakes are like in the Northeast United States The differences between lakes and ponds Docks and winter How…

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Smith Mountain Lake – Andie Gibson – Ep2

Sun rising over Smith Mountain Lake

Today’s show is all about Smith Mountain Lake. Andie Gibson, aka The Lake Writer, has lived on this lake for years. She joins me on the show today to talk about the lake and how it caters to the lake vacationer.   Some of the locations we discuss on the show include: Bridgewater Plaza  – Offers…

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Intro to the New Podcast – Lakeside Chat – Ep1

Lakeside Chat Podcast

Welcome to Lakeside chat!! As I mentioned in the intro. I’m the founder and blogger at – a lake based site to help you plan your next lake vacation or weekend getaway. This new show is all about the lake life – what’s available at different lakes across the country, the joys of lake…

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How I Found a Lake Condo to Rent


I recently made the decision that I wanted to change my spring vacation plans and instead of heading to a blogging/podcasting conference in Las Vegas, I thought my time would be better spent on a lake, writing articles for this website. When I’m at the lake during the summer months, I don’t want to spend…

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The Art of Boat Docking

Dock Like a Boss

(Scroll down to see the actual video) If you are not on social media or YouTube very often, you might have missed this awesome video. One of the guys from my ski club shared this and said “this is how the rest of the world views us (ski boat drivers)”. I have watched this video…

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Lake of the Ozarks Attractions – Ozark Amphitheater

Ozark Amphitheater Business Review

Lake of the Ozarks Amphitheater Early in July, I received an email from the Ozarks Amphitheater asking me to be their guest at an upcoming concert. They gave me the choice between seeing Eli Young Band on July 23 or  Parmalee later in August. My family had already planned our yearly Lake of the Ozarks…

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