5 Reasons to Buy Used Wakeboards

5 Top Reasons to Buy Used Wakeboards

Wakeboarding is a very exciting sport for lake lovers. When people see it for the first time, they want to buy a board and get started as soon as possible.However, the sport is one that definitely takes practice and patience to reach a level of competence (and possibly lots of falls on your face). Not everyone can make it to this level before they lose interest, so it is a good idea to buy a used wakeboard for when you are just starting out. Here are the top five reasons you should consider purchasing a used wakeboard this spring.

1. New Wakeboarders

As previously mentioned, new wakeboarders sometimes lose interest in the sport before they reach a competent level. If you are a new wakeboarder looking to score your first board, we suggest it will be a lot easier to swallow the cost, when you’re only out the cost of a used wakeboard.

2. Beat Them Up

Another reason that new wakeboarders should start with used boards, is that they don’t have to worryabout being rough on them. New wakeboarders are really hard on their boards, which can be devastating when they are using a brand-new board. Do you really want to see knicks and scratches caused by your handle hitting the board when you fall? Trust us when we say, new wakeboarders fall often. When rough practice sessions are out of the way with used wakeboards, then you can think about buying new boards.

3. Inexpensive


Of course, one of the most obvious reasons to buy a used wakeboard is that they are much less expensive than new wakeboards. A used wakeboard that has only been used a few times will be at least 20 to 30 percent less expensive than it would have been to purchase it brand-new. This kind of savings is reason enough to buy a used wakeboard. Case in point, we bought 2 used wakeboards, including $500 bindings, barely used, for a grand total of $200. Total savings of about $700!! Just check out craigslist in your area and compare prices.

 4. Add to Your Collection


Lots of wakeboarders like to have a wide variety of wakeboards to use for different things. They may want to change up their boards to practice different tricks. They may want to use different boards to handle changing conditions on the surface of the water. Whatever the reasons are, every wakeboarder desires to add to their collections before long. This can be done much more reasonably when they buy used wakeboards to fill their collections.

5. Share with Friends

It is always a good idea to have a few cheap, used wakeboards around when friends want to give the sport a try. When they ask to borrow a board, you don’t want to give them your new, top-of-the-line board. It is nice to have a used board to hand them to enjoy. It’s also good to have more than one board for people of different sizes. A larger board will work great for those husky friends of yours but a smaller frame gal will have better luck with a smaller board and smaller boots.

Sound Off

What about you? Did you buy all new boards or do you have a few used boards in your stash? We currently have 3 boards and primarily only use 2. We still haven’t bought new boards. Of course with our time in the ski club, we are doing many activities and wakeboarding is just a small side sport for us – so our boards never get a ton of wear.


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